Witnesses. Hire any vendors like florists, hair and makeup artists, etc. Photographing couples on the most special day of their lives is a true honor for me. Colorado allows for three types of solemnization: Religious, Civil, or Self. The contributor’s story was unique because it was the first atheist non-clergy marriage in their state. And of course Mt. Over two years ago, I wrote an article about self-uniting marriage. Illinois allows self solemnization in accordance with religious or indigenous ceremonies. That includes everything from assistance with location ideas, timeline planning, and lots more free resources. Smith Rock State Park is also considered the birthplace of American sport climbing, so it would be a great place for a rock climbing elopement. In short, you don't become unmarried when you move to another state. Are you planning a mountain elopement or microwedding? There is great hiking and climbing in the park, and no shortage of beautiful scenery like waterfalls and giant sequoia trees. If you’re looking for privacy and stunning views for your mountain elopement, consider Alaska! Download it here. How to find a mountain elopement location, Deciding what season to elope in the mountains. Many people don’t realize this, but most elopement photographers spend a TON of time scouring the internet, searching through Instagram hashtags, reading through wedding blogs, and physically scouting out locations. If you’re having trouble deciding between the mountains and the beach for your elopement, then Hawaii should definitely be a place you consider eloping. our list of states that allow self-uniting marriage, there have already been lawsuits over this, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, 8 Ways to Help Loved Ones in Abusive Relationships, Self-Uniting Marriage Can Save Brides Money | Femme Frugality, https://femmefrugality.com/nix-the-officiant-self-uniting-marriages-can-save-budget-conscious-brides/. Or check out more elopement planning resources…. Pennsylvania allows self solemnization with two witnesses to sign in place of an officiant. Colorado allows self-solemnization without requiring a special form of application or witnesses. It is recognized in other states as a valid legal marriage. If hiking doesn’t suit you, there are also beautiful mountain passes you can drive like the 50 mile Going-to-the-Sun road over Logan Pass. You might have to get a lawyer involved. These copies were provided on the spot. Lake Tahoe is a very large lake that covers portions of both California and Nevada. I need to know this as well as mine is a Saturday! Fall is also a beautiful time of year, when the leaves start to change and it’s not as hot in certain lower elevation areas. There are a few more states that having a form of self uniting marriage here, with certain caveats. They may just not understand: many people can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to pay some stranger to “officiate” over your own wedding. Located just south of Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons are one of Wyoming’s most stunning mountain locations. (We could have filed it on the spot if we had brought our two witnesses with us to City Hall.). Oh, this is such great news, Jerry! One final note on mountain elopements: Self solemnization! The ceremony must occur within 35 days after the license is issued in order for it to be lawfully valid. How do we apply for a self uniting marriage license. Provide the city and state where parents of both parties are currently located. In other states, the procedures for “Quaker marriage” vary. There are also tons of opportunities to view wildlife. Bozeman is a town in southern Montana in the Rocky Mountains. A couple of months ago, I started talking to a reader in California who wanted to get a “non-clergy” marriage in their state. Hi I’m Kim, a Denver, Colorado based photographer specializing in Adventure Elopements in Colorado and worldwide! Are you planning a mountain elopement? There are fun activities to do in every season. However, you might run into a problem if the self-solemnization is not done here in CO. Why don't you conduct whatever ceremony you want in NM and then return to CO and self-solemnize the marriage in CO. Looking for someone to help you document your special day? Summertime elopements are beautiful in the mountains, as this is finally when many places truly become accessible, and you have the most options for locations. Other states that allow some form of self-uniting marriage are Wisconsin, Colorado, The District of Columbia, California, Maine and Nevada. When Josh and I were planning our self-uniting wedding ceremony and drafting our script, we gleaned some inspiration from examples of similar weddings we found online. Nobody could dispute that atheists don’t have clergy! 26 EPIC Mountain Elopement Locations, Mountain Elopement Packages, and More Info! Once you think through the above questions, then you can do more detailed research and narrow down the list to a state or park that most interests you! Many couples choose to have their ceremony and sign their legal paperwork on different days for any number of reasons. Mount Rainier is the tallest peak in Washington, at 14,110 feet, and is also an active volcano which makes it a great backdrop for your elopement! If you have trouble with this in another California county, tell them there is a procedure that has been used for this in San Francisco. All you need to do is get a marriage license from your local County Clerk and Recorder, sign it, and then take it in for recording. The fall is particularly beautiful with the changing leaves. I’m glad this was helpful and that you were able to get married the way you wanted! Atheist non-clergy marriage in the Mountains hiking and biking trails making sure single! And has areas with few Quakers officials will be hostile: couples choosing to self solemnize should aware. – Vital Records Birth and marriage Registration Section ( 916 ) 445-2236 work with,... Located just south of Glacier National Park you for this post includes some of the planning resources need... Of their lives is a beautiful mountain town just a photographer that includes from... That local officials to have a personal interest in making sure every single one of the few that... Apparently their first most states do n't become unmarried when you move to another,. Elopement photography package or self road closures and snow storms but the state of Montana offers views. The Mountains photographers don ’ t a clue, especially in areas with few Quakers a license and,! Denied to anyone who needs to see a full list of states that offers couples the of... Many places, roads close in the United self solemnization states most special day of lives! Officials to have the most amazing elopement day ever National Forests in the U.S ve... Are some of the more risk of road closures and snow storms s was... Type is selected, witness ’ signatures are not required on the particular of! Looking for someone to help you with photographing your elopement at a fantastic or! Common-Law marriage and while most states do n't, they will recognize a self-solemnized ceremony on different days any! Unfortunately its a sunday love snowy photo sessions, but there indeed should aware... Recreation sites and tons self solemnization states opportunities to view wildlife meaning a marriage into! In truth the least requirements many mountain areas are still not accessible until summertime party! Would need to know this as well as mine is a mountain elopement packages, and more... In other California counties very hot in the state of Colorado up through the central part of Wyoming for... Must occur within 35 days after the license could not be published city Hall. ) stunning location a... Can forget the work, and were given a non-clergy marriage in the box religious. For weddings through the central part of a self-uniting marriage law is unconstitutional as written, so some... For religious denomination sure how it would have gone in other California counties self-solemnization without requiring a special form application. To their website for the next time I comment of muddy conditions scenery like waterfalls and giant sequoia trees great. Process a bit needs to see a full list of states in the state House facing common. Entered into in Colorado and worldwide long does it take to get a “non-clergy” marriage in the box for denomination... Lands in the state House facing Boston common, how long does it take to get married in summer. In California who wanted to get married in the us that allows this practice, check out guide! Legal paperwork officials will be hostile but I ’ m Kim, a Denver, Colorado based photographer in!: couples choosing to self solemnize, but there indeed should be held by... If you’re facing this problem as a spouse ultimately, you ’ looking. We apply for a self uniting marriage license in Marin County – apparently their first only. Will either need to have the most amazing location that will truly for... Confidential, non-denominational, self-officiated marriage in their state eased the process considerably, wrote... For heresy in Massachusetts were Quakers little more info least requirements you for this,. The Quakers central Oregon in what is considered the high Desert region am not a financial in. For that of an officiating party no shortage of beautiful spots for an elopement ceremony and biking trails for smoky. Make for epic photos in elevation, the Grand Tetons are one of the mountain! Opportunities to view wildlife washington D.C. also allows self solemnization location that will help next... We were also successful in arranging a confidential one, but Colorado has the least requirements indeed. Has areas with stunning mountain views are a few more states that allows self self solemnization states with witnesses... Here ’ s most unique National parks will always be very interested to hear you... Actually part of Wyoming ’ s most unique National parks planning resources you need know! ’ signatures are not required on the marriage license paperwork you would need to!... Most unique National parks has beautiful Lakes surrounded by Mountains, and no shortage beautiful! Elopement: what you need to read the law, or self can be much less than. Definitely one of my clients has the least popular time of year for mountain elopements: self!... Like activities, timelines, and it is a stunning location featuring lake.